Welcome to our company, to share our experience and to enjoy the same way that we at first where nature in your environment no longer lets you leave and becomes something unforgettable.
Our business is born as all dreams, a dream that until now has been achieved and that to date we have managed to position ourselves as the only company interconnected to "HOTELS TAYKA" eco-friendly hotels.
In the medium term KNOW BOLIVIA TOURS will be the leading tourism company in the entire South West Potosino region and throughout Bolivia. We know that the key to success lies in the continuous improvement of our services, innovation and degree of satisfaction to the requirements and expectations of our customers.
The company will be a pioneer in the opening of new tourist destinations and implementation of existing technology in the tourism industry. Our distinctive will be the human quality in the provision of the service.
KNOW BOLIVIA TOURS, is a private receptive tourism operator, dedicated to the promotion and planning of national tourism. Our main objective is to provide satisfaction to our customers by providing products and services of excellent quality, guaranteeing the conservation and valuation of the natural and cultural heritage of the whole of Bolivia.
KNOW BOLIVIA TOURS, will operate with products and services according to the expectations of the visitors within the framework of mutual respect and coordination among all the actors involved within the tourism production chain.